Friday, January 21, 2011

The "Why" For This Blog

I am Goosegirl, aka Sivje 
and this is my oldest daughter, India.

India just started at the Disney College Program 
in Anaheim, CA.

 She is living away from home for the 
first time.

She is living in a beautiful apartment 
with roommates.

These pictures were taken in her
new apartment when we moved 
her in. 

 I miss her.

I love to cook and so does India.

But I failed to teach India
to make so many of her favorite
meals over the years. 

I just cooked them for her.

Well, I miss her and she misses me
and so I am writing this blog 
to share the recipes that are "Home" 
for India. 

I hope this will help us both to feel like
we are together again in the kitchen.

I hope you enjoy it too. 


A little note:
I apologize in advance for the lack of photos
that may become a hallmark of this blog.

I often forget to take pictures of the food
that I cook. 

And when I do, the pictures are 
often not very pretty.

But I promise you, the food tastes

And because I am frugal,
these recipes will usually not cost much.


  1. Sivje ~~ sounds delicious! I have the Pampered Chef baking dish ~ do you cover it when you bake it in that? I'm guessing yes, since you also cook it in a crockpot. I'm going to try this Greek food ♥

  2. Sharon, when I bake it in the stoneware baking dish, I do not cover it until it starts to get brown. Don prefers the chicken baked in the stoneware because the skin gets crispy. I prefer it in the crock pot because it is soooo juicy. It still is very juicy in the stoneware, just not as juicy.

  3. This is so nice, Sivje! I love my crock pot and new recipes so I'll be looking here often!!

    Take care, hollym.:)